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Stress Affects Everything

While stress may not be the cause of your chronic condition, it doesn't help it. I'm sharing what will

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Gut Health = Body Health

When your gut (or microbiome) is out of balance, you're setting yourself up for a host of health issues, like weight gain, diabetes, brain fog, and even cancer. Having an unbalanced gut is so common today because of processed food, high stress and sedentary jobs, that nearly everyone would benefit from some gut health help from head to toe (because your gut affects your whole body health!).

Your gut health is more than just fixing an upset stomach, it's managing your microbiome which affects your overall body's health. A happy gut is a happy life.
“The link between stress and disease is partly due to the fact that stress generally encourages us to eat more and exercise less – which is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing when we’re under stress. 

[Higher] stress levels also cause a direct change in the body’s metabolic machinery...appetite increases, fat storage accelerates, brain cells shrink, and immune cells become sluggish.”

Dr. Shawn Talbott; PhD, CNS, LDN, FACSM, FAIS, FACN Nutritional Biochemist and Author


Hardy Healthy Gut wants to educate and introduce you to a proven way to optimize your whole body health - starting from your gut! We found the road to health and wealth for years ahead of us and want to share it with you!

Your gut feeling won't lead you the wrong way...


We've lived (and still do) chronic illness, ones people don't like talking about. While Roger lives with gout and IBS - it took his son getting diagnosed with Crohn's for our eyes to be opened.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies are in the health industry, but we've experienced them being more interested in the sickness industry
The $2 trillion we spend on medical care every year is concerned almost exclusively with treating the symptoms of illness. 
Something needed to change and we went looking for it. Instead of chasing the symptoms, we're interested in finding the cause and treating that.
Whether It's A Chronic Condition Or Just Your Sleep - Discover How You Can Overcome Stress In Your Life (For Free!)