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Why Do We CARE? 

Roger Jane Hardy
Roger and Jane
Our youngest son, Van, and his wife, Terri
Our oldest son, JW and his wife and daughter, Kelly and Anya


Hardy Healthy Gut wants to educate and introduce you to a proven way to optimize your whole body health - starting from your gut! We found the road to health and wealth for years ahead of us and want to share it with you!

Your gut feeling won't lead you the wrong way...


We've lived (and still do) chronic illness, ones people don't like talking about. While Roger lives with gout and IBS - it took his son getting diagnosed with Crohn's for our eyes to be opened.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies are in the health industry, but we've experienced them being more interested in the sickness industry
The $2 trillion we spend on medical care every year is concerned almost exclusively with treating the symptoms of illness. 
Something needed to change and we went looking for it. Instead of chasing the symptoms, we're interested in finding the cause and treating that.

I was diagnosed with a histoplasmosis at 15. I was told by doctors that I wouldn't make it past my 16th birthday. 
I proved them wrong. 

With my family history of chronic disease including diabetes, cardiovascular, Crohn's, arthritis and pulmonary disease I began to take it seriously early on to be pro-active versus re-active with my health. 

But our youngest son was in high school when he started complaining about not feeling well. His symptoms would come and go over the next few years and doctors would say it was stomach flu, something he ate or something else equally as vague.
The issues took such a toll he was not even able to graduate with his class. His symptoms became worse and two years later he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. His life came to a halt and ours with it.

Eventually, we found a way to make our new life work and thank God he is healthy now, It gave us a mission to help others find their path to wellness. 

No longer chase the symptoms, but find the root cause.
Healthy Aging Is Possible!
Whether It's A Chronic Condition Or Just Your Sleep - Discover How You Can Start Feeling Better, No Matter Your Age.