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Why Do We CARE? 

Roger Jane Hardy
Roger and Jane
Our youngest son, Van, and his wife, Terri
Our oldest son, JW and his wife and daughter, Kelly and Anya


Hardy Healthy Gut wants to educate and introduce others to a proven way to optimize their gut brain axis. With the right information, proven health benefits, and a referral based system in place, we have found the road to health and wealth for years ahead of us and we want to share that with you.

We’ve spent years calling doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies - what we call the health industry when in reality these businesses are truly the sickness industry.
The $2 trillion we spend on medical care is concerned almost exclusively with treating the symptoms of illness. 
On the other hand, the wellness industry includes products and services that promote wellness rather than respond to illness—this includes nutritional supplements, superfoods, and juices, personal trainers and “alternative care”.
Diagnosed with a rare pulmonary disease at 15, Roger was told by doctors that he would not make it to his 16th birthday. He proved them wrong. Blessed with 2 sons who were recently married, Roger and his wife Jane live a life of adventure enjoying travel and educating others about gut health by fixing the cause rather than chasing symptoms.

With Roger's family history of many chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular, Crohns, arthritis and pulmonary disease he began to take it seriously early on to be pro-active versus re-active with his health. 

Roger and Jane's youngest son was in high school when he started complaining about not feeling well. His symptoms would come and go over the next few years and doctors would say it was stomach flu, something he ate or something else equally as vague.
The issues took such a toll he was not even able to graduate with his class. His symptoms became worse and two years later he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. His life came to a halt and ours with it - he couldn't continue college and my work downsized.
We found a way to make our life work, but eventually, Van's health declined again and he ended up needing four feet of his lower intestine removed because they were perforated and leaking.
Thank God he is healthy now, thriving in his life alongside his wife and son. With these serious health issues that our family has overcome, it has given us a mission to help others find the path to their wellness. This is why we want people to understand how to fix the root cause and not chase the symptoms.
It's All About The Gut/Brain Axis - 
Find Out How Your Mental Wellness May Be Affected or Affecting Your Overall Health