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What is the Best Diet Plan for Me? Review of Popular Choices

If you’re looking for the best diet plan to achieve your goals, take a look at our overview of six philosophies and guidelines. Then choose what’s best for you! Some people want a diet plan solely to lose weight, while others are focusing more on the health benefits of changing their diets. The reality is that no two people have exactly the s...

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Unlock The Natural Ability For Change Our Bodies Are Capable Of

" A fit body begins with mental wellness, and the key to a healthy brain is the gut microbiome. Body. Brain. Biome. Project b3. The holistic solution to a healthier well-being." Project b3 will help guide you with tips and tools to put you on the path to a sustainable holistic lifestyle. First off – it’s FREE – there is no cost associated with joi...

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I Want To Lose Weight: Here's How

How often have you found yourself saying these words: “I want to lose weight!”? Or maybe you’ve heard friends and family say them. Here are strategies to help. Traditional Weight Loss Strategies Typically, if someone needs to lose weight, a certain diet and exercise plan is recommended. The specifics of what you eat, when, vary by the diet plan chose...

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What's Really Holding You Back From Reaching Your Weight-loss Goals

Imagine This: It’s the end of December and you’ve made a list of things you want to change and you’re so excited for the 1st of January to hit because that’s when you’re going to start to be a better/thinner/healthier/happier/productive/self-driven/fill in the blank person! YES! Finally! But then you glance at the calendar to see when this epic change is ...

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