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Living with Crohn’s Disease: A Roadmap When Traveling

Fortunately, living with Crohn’s disease typically does not mean you can’t travel. It usually means that, instead, you need to plan ahead a bit differently. According to a survey in Frontline Gastroenterology , 62 percent of people with Crohn’s disease or other form of inflammatory bowel disease said their travel was a...

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Young Wanderlust: Intriguing Millennial Travel Trends

“I was amazed by one thing in particular: Millennials may be traveling—which isn’t a foreign idea—but they’re doing it in totally new and unexpected ways.” This quote is from a fascinating article published at , one that shares how Millennials don’t see travel as something that they do . ...

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Passport to Healthy Travel for Work: 10 Quick Healthy Gut Tips

The last thing you want when you travel is an unsettled gut. Ugh. So, these healthy travel tips will help prevent that, with a focus on boosting gut health. Here goes! #1 Be Mindful About What You Eat When you travel for work, your schedule can be jam-packed. But, to maintain a healthy gut, it’s important to make smar...

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Traveling With Supplements: What’s Important for You to Know?

Toothbrush packed? Check. Enough pairs of underwear? Yep! Deodorant . . . you get the picture. But, what about traveling with supplements? What should you pack? Ask ten of your friends and you’ll get a dozen answers—or maybe more. That’s because, like anything else, different supplements are go-to choices for different people. So, to help you cut throug...

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