Vigor: Physical Energy, Mental Acuity & Emotional Well-being

You might wonder, “What does vigorous mean?” and we suggest that it comes with three interlocking tiers, and we’ll share ways to boost your own vigor & vitality. 

It can be tempting, when pursuing vigor and well-being, to focus on your symptoms. If your physical energy is low, for example, then you think that getting more sleep will help. If you’re not feeling your sharpest, mentally speaking, then taking a class to expand your knowledge might be the answer. Emotional well-being dragging? You might take a class in yoga, or join that meditative walking club.

None of these are bad ideas! We’re definitely not discouraging you from taking actions that will help you gain physical, mental, and emotional vitality, and each of those listed above can be highly beneficial. What we’re suggesting is that you also take a look at what can be the root cause of all three of these—meaning, an imbalance in your stress hormones.

Increased Vigor With Stress Hormone Balancing

Multiple studies show the importance of managing and, when needed, reducing biochemical stress. By successfully doing so, lifespans can increase, with psychological measures of stress improving as people report a greater sense of meaning in their lives.

On the other hand, when not successfully managing biochemical stress, this can have a negative impact on your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. And, because it can be difficult to instantaneously incorporate what’s involved in a comprehensive focus on reducing biochemical stress, it’s best to take a small positive lifestyle steps. 

In our opinion, there hasn’t been enough emphasis on this subject, even from doctors and medical journals. There are exceptions, of course, including the work of Shawn Talbott Ph.D., FACSM.

We’ve found intriguing information in a New Zealand blog, as well, where a post notes how 75 to 90 percent of doctor visits are connected with ailments that are at the core stress related, where our biochemical response boosts production of stress hormones—which is turn can raise your blood pressure, make your head hurt, and cause you to toss and turn all night.

Whenever we encounter an event that feels overwhelming, our body reacts in ways to address the stress. For short-term crises, all can take place in a natural way. But, because stress in the 21st century is often triggered by ongoing situations in daily life, this can lead to chronic stress and biochemistry that’s just plain out of balance. In turn, this stress and imbalance can make us more susceptible to ill health, which can lead to physical health problems, mental health troubles, and psychological distress.

Turning the Tide Through Project b3

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