Passport to Healthy Travel for Work: 10 Quick Healthy Gut Tips

The last thing you want when you travel is an unsettled gut. Ugh. So, these healthy travel tips will help prevent that, with a focus on boosting gut health.  10 Healthy Travel Tips to Feel Your Best Around the World

Here goes!

#1 Be Mindful About What You Eat

When you travel for work, your schedule can be jam-packed. But, to maintain a healthy gut, it’s important to make smart eating choices throughout your trip.

#2 Include Foods Rich in Fiber

notes, a high-fiber diet helps you to maintain a healthy digestive system. So, include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes; ideally, eat a mix of insoluble fiber, such as that found in veggies and whole grains, with soluble (nuts, seeds and legumes).

#3 Limit Fatty Foods as You Travel

Fatty foods, overall, can slow down digestion. It’s important to have fat in your diet, though, so choose foods with healthy fats and then pair them with high-fiber foods.

It can be heard to find non-fatty foods while on the go - so have them delivered to you!

#4 Include Prebiotic Fiber

This allows the probiotics in your digestive systems to become enhanced, according to, and you can get prebiotic fiber from onions and garlics, among other foods. As far as a supplement, acacia gum can be an effective choice.

#5 Also Include Probiotic-Rich Foods 

This includes yogurt, sauerkraut, fermented veggies and more. Because you don’t always have as much control over food availability on the road, you may want to take probiotic supplements.

#6 Read Our Helpful Travel-Tips Guide

We invite you to download, read and benefit from our Body, Brain + Biome guide when you travel. It goes into more detail than we can in a single blog post!

#7 Drink Water!

It aids in digestion, says the Mayo Clinic, helping your body to break down food and then absorb nutrients.

#8 Find Ways to Manage Stress

Yes. Our healthy gut tips have heavily focused on what you eat and drink; this makes sense since it’s your digestive system’s job to handle food and drink. But, there’s more to a healthy gut than what you ingest.

There is also a significant correlation between stress and gut health, with this Harvard publication going into detail about the gut-brain connection. Their conclusion is that, by managing stress, you’ll have more digestive comfort. You can find more information on that topic by downloading our guide, “Stress Less Travel: 10 Tips for Easy Travel.”

10 b3 Healthy Travel Tips Download

#9 Don’t Overpack Your Schedule and Get Enough Sleep

Trips for work can, as we’ve already mentioned, involve busy schedules. But, do your best to also allow for down time and enough time for quality sleep. Not getting enough sleep can make it more difficult to handle stress (see tip #8!) and there is also a complex relationship between sleep and gut health, according to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research.

So, when you can, do your gut a favor and take it easy for a while. Wind down, get rest.

#10 Make Time to Work Out

Maybe your hotel room has a mini-gym (or maybe there’s one nearby that offers day passes). Or, perhaps it’s sunny out and you’re near a park. However you do it, working out can provide “microbe-boosting effects,” according to an expert quoted in WomensHealthSA.

And, let’s face it. If you’ve spent a lot of time traveling, you’ve been sitting. And, if you’re in plenty of meetings, you’ve been sitting. Getting up and stretching will help with stress, too.

Healthy travels to you!

10 b3 Healthy Travel Tips Download

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